Results “Virtual Home Run”

After a month competing at home in our running challenge. We have our winners and podium in each category.

1k Virtual Home Sprint

From Barcelona, Dieguingolo from Trialerus team ran at the corridor of his house in “course navette” concept 👉🏻1k in 4:35, amazing outstanding seeing in what conditions he had ran, (4m long of corridor). No one was close to steal his attempt 4:35, the P.2 was for Alex M from AM c.c. behind 1m 04s his time was 5:39, in P.3 Jemm C from Philippines made a 6:46 in the backyard of his house been the 3rd party in the podium.

5k Virtual Home Run

From Barcelona, Willy WP made it happen 2 days before last racing day jumping to the top of the Final Standings👉🏻 27m 35s with a 5:29/km pace at his terrace at home. Stealing the P.1 to Abhijeet P. from Mumbai India, who was P.1 whole month with an impressive performance 28m 05s with a 5:37/km pace ran at home, just a 30seconds gap between this two guys who have been battling to be the best on their category. P.3 also stayed in Barcelona Ruben JC with 34m 32s with a 6:54/km pace.

10k Virtual Home Run

Some serious marks where here with the leader Kevin NT from Taytay, Philippines in the backyard of his house, 15m loop circuit👉🏻43m 26s with a 4:19/km pace, very difficult to beat it, Abhijeet P. was P.2 again with a 56m 10s he finished also P.2 in 5k Virtual Home Run. P.3 flew to Cebu Philippines, Jemm C was the last man standing. Also being in the podium in 2 categories 1k & 10k.

Thank you everybody for been part of this event and staying active at home, the best thing we can do to battle Covid-19 is staying with a positive attitude. Thanks again to all participants, members of the Club and followers in our first running project. Now will be able to run outdoor here in Barcelona, Spain and we promise you to bring you more motivation goals to improve yourself and keep battling Covid-19, the right attitude can take you anywhere in the world.


Author: Jordi Gabarron

Born & rise in Barcelona. Cycling passionate and sports lover. MBA Sports Marketing.

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