Due logistical reasons we have to schedule the Global Challenge setting up each race dates and adding a new format for last weekend in June.

6-7 June = 1km  

13-14 June = 5km

20-21 June = 10km

27-28 June = Best Running View photo

10kNRL Global Challenge consists in running the fastest street, route, downhill, uphill along the run we propose 1k / 5k / 10k in INDIVIDUAL FORMAT anywhere in earth plus Best Running View photo as last challenge. You can run all distances if you want for the same registration price 9€ and battle for the prize in each category.

To RUN in you must:

  1. REGISTRATION open till 1st June
  2. Use GPS (Strava, Garmin or other)
  3. Join Strava Club 10k Nocturn Run League (here is how we will keep on track each runner time)
  4. Name the activity “GC 1k” or 5k” or 10k” when you upload to Strava
  5. Cash Prize for winners each category = 60€ // 2nd & 3rd place prizes by Derunning
  6. Cash Prize paid via PayPal or Transfer
  7. It will count your best time during the race weekend
  8. Race starts-> 6-7 June = 1km // 13-14 June = 5km // 20-21 June = 10km // 27-28 June = Best Running View photo
  9. Running photo needs to be sent to our IG with your name. Prize will be 20€ for the winner and it will be announced via our IG
  10. GET READY & RUN SAFE (is under your responsibility as soon as you register anything happen to you so, please run safe and respect the conditions we have to run with covid-19)


Results “Virtual Home Run”

After a month competing at home in our running challenge. We have our winners and podium in each category.

1k Virtual Home Sprint

From Barcelona, Dieguingolo from Trialerus team ran at the corridor of his house in “course navette” concept 👉🏻1k in 4:35, amazing outstanding seeing in what conditions he had ran, (4m long of corridor). No one was close to steal his attempt 4:35, the P.2 was for Alex M from AM c.c. behind 1m 04s his time was 5:39, in P.3 Jemm C from Philippines made a 6:46 in the backyard of his house been the 3rd party in the podium.

5k Virtual Home Run

From Barcelona, Willy WP made it happen 2 days before last racing day jumping to the top of the Final Standings👉🏻 27m 35s with a 5:29/km pace at his terrace at home. Stealing the P.1 to Abhijeet P. from Mumbai India, who was P.1 whole month with an impressive performance 28m 05s with a 5:37/km pace ran at home, just a 30seconds gap between this two guys who have been battling to be the best on their category. P.3 also stayed in Barcelona Ruben JC with 34m 32s with a 6:54/km pace.

10k Virtual Home Run

Some serious marks where here with the leader Kevin NT from Taytay, Philippines in the backyard of his house, 15m loop circuit👉🏻43m 26s with a 4:19/km pace, very difficult to beat it, Abhijeet P. was P.2 again with a 56m 10s he finished also P.2 in 5k Virtual Home Run. P.3 flew to Cebu Philippines, Jemm C was the last man standing. Also being in the podium in 2 categories 1k & 10k.

Thank you everybody for been part of this event and staying active at home, the best thing we can do to battle Covid-19 is staying with a positive attitude. Thanks again to all participants, members of the Club and followers in our first running project. Now will be able to run outdoor here in Barcelona, Spain and we promise you to bring you more motivation goals to improve yourself and keep battling Covid-19, the right attitude can take you anywhere in the world.


New events conditions

Hello 10kNRL Family!

A partir de ahora podréis hacer vuestro Home Virtual Run de Strava a cualquier hora del día, sólo os pedimos que para hacerlo más fácil sigáis las indicaciones que os damos:

  1. Follow us on Strava & Join the Club
  2. Record your track
  3. Termina uno de los retos 1k-3k-5k-8k-10k
  4. Cuando vayas a subir la actividad cambia el NAME, pon la opción que hayas hecho:
    a. 1K Home Virtual Sprint
    b. 3k Home Virtual Sprint
    c. 5k Home Virtual Run
    d. 8k Home Virtual Run
    e. 10k Home Virtual Run
  5. En la opción TYPE: (elige) RACE

Disculpar las molestias causadas y los cambios realizados en menos de 24h. Covid-19 nos afecta a todos.

RUN SAFE #stayhome

3k/5k/8k/10k Strava Home Challenge

Bienvenidos a nuestro 1er challenge de la temporada, todos contra Covid-19.

Corre / Trota / Salta / Anda; este challenge no va de ser el mejor (o sí), va por todos los que estamos colaborando y aguantando el chaparrón que estamos viviendo estando afectados moral y fisicamente por esta situación. Desde el equipo de 10kNRL creemos que la mejor manera de combatir y hacer frente a este Covid-19, es mantener la positividad, el tener tu mente ocupada en cosas que sumen, estar conectado con tus seres más queridos y vivir lo mejor posible estos días, sin duda habrán tiempos mejores, pero ahora hay que aguantar.

Como funciona el #challenge:

Unete a nuestro Strava Club y participa en #HomeChallenge 3k, 5k, 8k o 10k. Como si quieres hacer todos.

  • First set Domingo 29 Marzo; 19h
  • Durante 14 días
  • Last set 30 Abril; 23:55h
  • Join & Run 3k, 5k, 8k o 10k
  • En tu casa
  • De una sola vez

Ayuda a compartir! Tírate una foto o vídeo y súbelo a Instagram o facebook etiquétanos @10knocturnrunleague y usa los #.. #10kNRL #10kNRLfamily #10kNRLhomechallenge #3khomechallenge #5khomechallenge #8khomechallenge #10khomechallenge #yomequedoencasa

Aquí os dejamos dos noticias sobre Running y lo que este deporte puede ofrecer VS situaciones adversas.



Recuerda, #QuédateEnCasa #StayHome #StayStrong #HomeRunning